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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Concrete Contractors in Chattanooga TN

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Dirt Work Contractors

Dirt work, also called earthmoving, is the process of preparing land for construction projects while taking special care to avoid any foundational or drainage issues in the future. This includes land clearing, demolition, leveling, grading, and moving dirt. Chattanooga Concrete Co. offers dirt work and other land excavation services in and around Chattanooga TN for both residential and commercial projects.

As a professional dirt work contractor, Chattanooga Concrete Co understands the requirements deemed necessary for local laws. We know the regulations and which permits are needed for the kind of work needed, and we’ll make sure you’re property is prepared in complete compliance with the government.

Earth Moving Services

Here are the most common types of dirt work:

Land Grading

Land grading helps to stabilize the soil and provides a strong foundation for your project. Land grading helps to prevent drainage issues and potential flooding near future constructions by ensuring the ground is prepared to have the water flow in the proper direction. Regardless of the type of construction you are looking to install, whether a shed, garage, house, or driveway,  it’s vital to future-proof the land for longevity.

Land Excavating

One of the most important parts of preparing a site for construction is the removal of vegetation and structures in the area. We will clear brush, remove trees, stumps, and rocks, and then smooth the land by filling in holes or removing hills. The land excavation services from Chattanooga Concrete Co. are well prepared to handle any kind of terrain in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

Digging and Trenching

Dirt work is hard without the proper tools. Our team of Dirt Work Contractors is specially trained in the advanced machinery needed for digging and trenching. Certain projects require specialized equipment in order to do a proper job. Trenchers are machines specifically designed to make deep and narrow cuts in the earth for pipes, fiber, electrical wires, and more. If you need to move large volumes of earth, we are well prepared with the right machines and experience to boot.

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