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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Concrete Contractors in Chattanooga TN

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Land Grading and Lawn Leveling

Land grading services, including lawn leveling, is an important step in preparing land for construction projects for both residential and commercial properties. Land grading will take care of any irregularities or flaws that are in the land and makes the plot ready for development. Finally, high-quality land grading helps the site control water erosion.

Do I need land grading?

Lawn grading is important for both commercial and residential construction projects, regardless of how large. Commercial construction sites will need to clear the land, level it, and adjust the slope around the foundation of the structure in order to keep water running away from the foundation. Residential properties also benefit from lawn grading to help eliminate rough or uneven dips and holes in the lawn, while ensuring water has proper drainage.

What do grading companies do?

At Chattanooga Concrete Co. You can rely on us to come to your project with every tool necessary to do the job well and correctly. Depending on your specific needs, these are the land grading services we provide:

Commercial level professional land leveling

Site preparation for construction

Landscape leveling and grading

Foundation preparation for projects

Leveling for parking lots and driveways

Soil and dirt removal

Efficient and sustainable utilization of dirt


Can I grade land myself?

Land grading can be extremely challenging without the proper equipment and knowledge of how to properly drain water from the land. Small imperfections or flaws may not be apparent to a novice but could cause major issues in the future. It’s vitally important to ensure the land you are building on is perfectly flat and strong enough for the project in mind. It’s better to rely on experts who have the proper land grading equipment and experience to handle land yard grading and leveling.

Chattanooga Concrete Co has the manpower and machine power necessary to make sure your land is ready for your construction project. Call us today!

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